Mission Statement

The Redsim tool suite never fails to amaze me... I couldn't ask for a better set of tools. — Systems & Software Engineer

Redsim Consulting aims to provide a suite of PC/Windows® based DIS tools to facilitate the configuration, testing, fault finding and monitoring of simulators operating with the DIS Protocol, both in a Local Area and a Wide Area Network configuration.


Based on the shores of picturesque Sydney Harbour, Redsim Consulting was originally a consultancy specializing in Human Computer Interface (HCI) issues. Since 1990, Redsim has been providing consulting services to both Industry and the Royal Australian Navy in relation to a number of simulators. The simulators developed and/or supported ranged from small Part Task Trainers up to the RAN's major Tactical Simulators located at HMAS WATSON, Sydney Australia.

Customer Praise

Comments from real customer correspondence:

The Redsim tool suite (DIS Link Monitor, DIS Logger, and DIS Generator) never fails to amaze me. I've used these tools a great deal over the past 5 years, and I still find new capabilities on a regular basis which help me to solve simulation system integration problems. They are reliable and robust. I couldn't ask for a better set of tools.—August 2009
For one of our new projects, we are going to be building a simulation using the DIS protocol. Of course, I wouldn't want to begin an endeavor like this without the best DIS PDU logger/generator/analysis tools out there...—January 2008
I would like to tell you thanks a lot for all the support you have given me this past year. Your contributions have increased our training significantly. We have been using [Redsim] successfully for about three years.—January 2008
I have found your DIS Link Monitor product very helpful in my work... running distributed simulation exercises. Kudos for making a great product.—December 2007
Thanks for the quick response! I had heard from others that use your product that you have top notch customer support. Now I see why they say that. To be honest, my team has been very happy with the product, and we spread the word to other companies that we are in contact with.—March 2005
We really love your tool and are incorporating it in ALL of our test cases.—July 2005