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DIS PDU Recorder for Windows

What is PDU Recorder?

The Redsim PDU Recorder is a Windows application for recording/playback of DIS exercises at a PDU level. Only one selected exercise ID may be recorded at any one time, and only very basic filtering of PDUs to be recorded or played back is provided.

The recording files are fully compatible with the Redsim DIS Link Monitor and the Redsim PDU Logger. This means that any recordings produced by the DLM may be played back by the PDU Recorder, and also any recording made with the PDU Recorder may be played back with the DLM or analyzed with the PDU Logger. However, purchase of the DLM or the PDU Logger is not required to use the DIS PDU Recorder.

Dual LAN operation is supported for both recording and playback. Both Broadcast and Multicast DIS operations are supported.

In addition to the local manual start/stop controls, the application provides two other mechanisms for commencing and terminating exercise recording and/or playback.

The application may be 'armed' to commence recording on any DIS Start/Resume PDU. If this option is selected, recording may be stopped manually at any time, or will terminate automatically on receipt of a Stop/Freeze DIS PDU.

The recording or playback may also be commenced/terminated by a User Host Computer via a Redsim defined User Host Protocol using Multicast UDP ethernet packets on a dedicated Remote Control LAN. Any recording/replay initiated by Remote Control may be stopped at any time by use of the local manual control. The remote control facility also provides facilities to insert Bookmarks into ant recording or playback, and playback may be positioned to any arbitrary time or bookmark position.

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What Kind of Filtering does PDU Recorder Provide?

As the PDU Recorder has been designed primarily as a recording tool for after action exercise review, the only filtering provided is to record only DIS Radio related PDUs for those customers who wish to only record/playback DIS Radio PDUs.

What Functions May be Controlled Remotely?

The PDU supports remote control of all functionality available locally, except for the deletion of existing Bookmarks in a recording.

How is the File Name to Playback Selected when under Remote Control?

By default, all recordings are unconditionally recorded to a file called "Rnnnnnnnnnn hhmm ddmmmyyyy.pdu". The "nnnnnnnnnn" is the number of seconds since January 1, 1970, and "hhmm ddmmmyyyy" is the human-readable hour, minutes and date when the recording was initiated. The recording files are kept in a directory called "Recordings\Auto Delete" which is created under the home directory when the application is executed for the first time. Any recordings in this directory will be automatically deleted after a user selectable number of days.

There is also an option to specify a manual file name for recording. Any manually-specified files will not be automatically deleted.

When playback is requested via the Remote Control facility, the most recent recording contained in the directory 'Recordings\Auto Delete' will be played.

If it is required to keep a recording file longer than the auto-delete period, it may be manually copied to the 'Recordings\Archive' directory.

When replay of a recording is requested in local manual mode, any PDU recording in any directory may be selected for replay.

What Platform does PDU Recorder Require?

The PDU Logger will run on any standard PC running Windows 7 or later.

What is the PDU Recorder Diagnostic?

The Redsim PDU Recorder Diagnostic is a Windows applications that may be used for two separate functions. It provides all facilities to exercise the Remote Control capabilities of the PDU Recorder, or it may be used to monitor the Multicast UDP packets exchanged between a user-developed remote control application and the PDU Recorder.

The PDU Recorder Diagnostic is provided at no additional cost when the PDU Recorder is purchased. It may be run on any Windows PC and does not require licensed enabling.

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