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DIS PDU Logger for Windows

What is PDU Logger?

The Redsim PDU Logger is a Windows applications for off-line processing of PDU capture files generated by DIS Link Monitor.

PDU Logger provides capability to generate human readable text files, export PDU data in csv format for import into other database applications, facilities to select individual PDUs for inspection, editing and/or replay.

Log and Replay screenshot
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What kind of filtering does PDU Logger provide?

The Redsim PDU Logger provides seven different filtering facilities which may be independently invoked:

  1. Filtering on Exercise ID
  2. Filtering on PDU Type and Encoding Scheme for Radio Signal PDUs
  3. Filtering on PDU Family
  4. Filtering on Entity State PDU Kind
  5. Filtering on Entity State Domain for Platforms/Lifeforms
  6. Originating Simulator
  7. Time

How are PDU Structures Defined for PDU Logger?

The PDU Logger uses the Custom PDU Definitions that may be defined with the DIS Link Monitor. By using these Custom PDU definitions, users may generate their own definitions for all PDUs of interest, including non- standard PDUs.

What options does PDU Logger provide for PDU Replay?

The PDU Logger provides three separate mechanisms for replaying PDUs. Single PDUs may be selected for editing and/or replay as shown below.

Replay options screenshot
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For selecting multiple PDUs for replay, a second mechanism is provided that enables any number of PDUs to be selected for inclusion in a replay list as shown below.

Multiple replay options screenshot
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A third replay option allows the entire contents of the PDU recording file to be replayed using the original recorded timings.

What parts of a PDU may be edited prior to replay?

The only elements of a PDU that may not be edited are the PDU Type/Family codes and the PDU Length. All other records both in the PDU Header and the PDU Data may be edited.

PDU editor screenshot
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What platform does PDU Logger require?

The PDU Logger will run on any standard PC running Windows 7 or later.