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Redsim Products

DIS Link Monitor

The DIS Link Monitor has been designed as an Engineering tool to be used in a DIS environment. It is suitable for use by both personnel involved in the development and/or testing of DIS based applications, as well as personnel involved in planning, coordination and execution of DIS-based exercises.

DIS PDU Logger

The Redsim PDU Logger is a Windows application for off-line processing of PDU capture files generated by DIS Link Monitor. It provides capability to generate human readable text files, export PDU data in .csv format for import into other database applications, facilities to select individual PDUs for inspection, editing and/or replay.

DIS PDU Generator

The Redsim PDU Generator is a Windows application for generating DIS PDUs using PDU Templates defined using the Custom PDU Definition capability of the DIS Link Monitor. PDU Generator provides capability to generate PDU data in a user-friendly manner. Options are provided for immediate transmission of the defined PDU as well as the capability to save defined PDUs to a file for subsequent replay.

DIS PDU Router

PDU Router is an application that provides powerful DIS filtering capabilities in a LAN-to-WAN connection environment to significantly reduce bandwidth requirements.

DIS PDU Recorder

The Redsim PDU Recorder is a Windows application for recording/playback of DIS exercises at a PDU level.


Cyclops provides powerful DIS routing, filtering and parameter transformation capabilities in a LAN-to-WAN connection environment.